Thoughts from Keira Duvernoy, Fiber Artist & Physician

The Old Art Building embodies community and art. Community and art feed the soul, and who are we without that indefinable part of us that we call the soul? Community and art make us human.

The Old Art Building is an historic landmark in Leland, the town in which it resides. Rural areas need gathering places; the OAB is a gathering place that offers educational programs that encourage our county’s aging population to stay “young” and encourage our youth to be curious and to reach out beyond themselves.

I am a fiber artist, hence my connection with the OAB but I am also a physician and as a physician I am concerned with ways in which we as a society can minimize the negative effects of aging and chronic diseases. We know from research that strong communities do just that. The OAB is an important and indispensable part of our community.

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