Watercolor Workshop (Intermediate/Advanced)


Thursday, August 25
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
1-day class


Old Art Building


Susan Lingg


$100 member
$110 non-member


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In this intermediate/advanced watercolor workshop, we talk about thoughts and awareness of breath. Helping you become more comfortable with the watercolor medium, painting and being creative in general, moving easily through the creative process with fresh energy. Our approach toward painting and the organization of materials will also clear the path toward better paintings.

In this workshop we will work from your reference materials, images you have gathered for future painting ideas, etc. We will study the organizing of your shapes and composition, so bring your sketch books. This approach adds clarity to your thoughts, making your brush strokes stronger, more confident, better painting. We will explore the techniques unique to watercolor: paint mixing, blending, washes, delivery of paint to paper, all these techniques help to loosen you up. Your trees will move in the wind, your rivers, lakes will have more movement and energy through the transparent glazes and color mixing and applications. We will study the common problems with watercolor, through smaller studies to start with, building confidence and ease. We will explore the palette knife, masking fluid application, spatter techniques, mark making, with sponges, sticks, scraping out the whites, so bring your tools and toys.

Expect a challenge, experience the short morning demo with water as a theme and an afternoon demo with trees and foliage as a theme. There will be independent painting time with personal attention from Susan.

Supply List:
-sketch book
-reference material with water, rivers, waterfalls, trees, foliage as a subject matter
(possibly include a small lighthouse or barn in the composition)
-hair dryer (optional)
-one or two palette knives
-paint brushes (round 8 and/or 10, 12) & also bring your favorite brush to explore with.
-masking fluid, any brand.
-watercolor paints (No student grade)
-one tube of each
red:cadmium red med., alizarin crimson, burnt sienna optional,
yellow:new gamboge, cadmium yellow med.
blue: ultramarine blue and phthalo blue
White and black are not necessary
-paper: professional papers only (No student grade)
140lb cold press or 300 lb cold press are preferred (watercolor block or single sheets)
Smaller paper 7x9” or 9x12” or 10x14” (No large sheets of paper)


About Susan Ling

Susan is a self taught artist, enjoying the process of painting in mixed media using watercolor, handmade paper and acrylic. A full time artist, Susan had a studio-gallery for over 29 years, just west of Asheville, NC. Enjoying the exploration of color and light, Susan now holds a full schedule of painting and teaching and leads three-hour exploring watercolor workshops.

Susan’s paintings reflect the beauty and magic of the Smoky Mountains that surround her home. Her paintings could be described as realism through an artist's eye. The nature of her work, collaging with paper or mica from the earth, or pouring watercolor into mixed media, all allow for free expression, play and experimentation. “It’s like dancing in the freedom of creativity” Susan says.

Susan receives additional inspiration from traveling with her husband, kayaking the bright and beautiful waters of Michigan and Florida, and walking among the trees and pathways of nature.

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