Painting Expressively with Acrylics: Interpreting the Landscape


Monday, August 19 – Thursday, August 22
1:30 PM – 5:45 PM
Monday – Thursday


Old Art Building


Royce Deans


$200 Member
$220 Non member


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The wonderful thing about painting is that we can say whatever we want to say with how we compose our paintings.

Our use of color, texture, and composition are all elements that we can manipulate to express just how we feel about our subject. In this class we will explore many different forms of mark making and observe what those different brushstrokes communicate. This class is for artists who have a working understanding of painting with acrylics.

About Royce Deans

Royce has spent my entire life in and around the art world in one way or another. He is a graduate of the American Academy of Art in Chicago. His paintings and drawings are represented by galleries in Michigan, Illinois, Israel and The Netherlands.

The last eight years or so Royce has begun to develop three quite different bodies of work: landscape, abstraction, and figurative. All support each other.

In 2013, with Tali Farchi he founded the ArtisTTable, an international online art community that hosts themed online art exhibitions and other live events. Working with other artists in this way has really opened his eyes to some many new influences from around the world.

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