Concert of Color – Works by Richard Stocker


Monday, April 26 – Friday, May 14
Mondays – Saturdays: 10 am – 4 pm


Old Art Building



... leading me like a conductor’s baton...

The idea for this show came to Richard Stocker in response to the long, grey Michigan winter and as a way to celebrate the arrival of Spring.

"I approach the canvas with no plan or preconceived image or idea. I bring with me a mood that is a response to something in the environment or an experience I’ve taken part in. As I paint, the direction of my mood will take new paths as the story comes into view. Each painting is the story of my felt experience in the moment. I come to the canvas with pure energy and a deep curiosity to see how my brush, leading me like a conductor’s baton, is going to express my feelings. I find great freedom in this approach, and it also feels like an organic performance. Through these paintings I hope to entertain and, of course, inspire."


About Richard Stocker

A native of Michigan, Richard Stocker is a photographer, designer, and painter. He explores freedom through the balance of movement through his black and white photography, intricate designs and colorful paintings. He lives on the Leelanau Peninsula and devotes much time to helping families and individuals find solace and joy through color and creativity.

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Richard Stocker was a Cass Corridor artist and photographer for Fifth Estate Magazine in the 1960’s. He studied art at the Vancouver School of Art, York University, and The Art Institute of Chicago.

In his early thirties, Richard made his way west to become part of the burgeoning natural healing movement. For 35 years, he has maintained a Rolfing practice. Through his somatic work, Richard brings freedom of movement back to his clients’ bodies. His art also explores movement and freedom.

Photography was Richard’s first creative passion and he had his own dark room by the age of 10. His is a street style and his interest is primarily in capturing people in their most individual moments. In his 20’s he began experimenting with drawing intricate designs in ink and then creating serographs, a painstaking process that taught him presence and patience. He continues to make intricate pen and ink designs through which he explores balance, movement, and concentration.

Later in life, while living in the tropics, and inspired by the many expat artists he was meeting, he picked up his first paint brush and found a medium through which to express his inherent exuberance and excitement for life.

Since the mid-1990’s, using his ink designs, and long before it became the current trend, Richard has been creating coloring books and events for adults, as well as young people. He has travelled the world teaching the healing benefits of coloring, something he discovered during the very difficult 5-year struggle with Leukemia that his young son, Santiago, endured. After his son passed, Richard dedicated himself to helping families and individuals find solace and joy through color and creativity.

Richard’s work has appeared on the cover of Tiferet Journal, at Art Prize 2015, in the art collection of Detroit Receiving Hospital, and in the homes of private collectors. In the spring of 2016, he was a featured artist at The Detroit Institute of Arts and The University of Michigan Museum of Art for his innovative work creating community through coloring.

Richard lives on the Leelanau Peninsula with his wife and now at the age of 75, continues to carry his camera everywhere and can be found daily either in his art studio, exploring this beautiful peninsula, or collaborating on projects to bring more art and fun into the world, especially through his newest endeavor, The Bright Spot.

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