Color Theory with Royce Deans


Monday, November 8
Wednesday, November 10
Thursday, November 11
All days: 10AM – 12PM


Old Art Building


Royce Deans, 2021 Ann Hall Visiting Artist


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$170 non-members


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To Know Your Colors is to Love Your Colors

Level: Intermediate to advanced, beginners very welcome.

Let's get to know the colors we think we know a lot better by looking closely at what we have.  

Royce used his extended studio time during the pandemic to dig deep into a more refined understanding of what his tubes of paint were capable of doing. By systematically exploring each color in relation to white and in combination with each of the other colors, he gained a thorough understanding of the possibilities of both harmony and discord within his palette.  

We will be making a comprehensive set of color swatches based on your own paints (Don't worry if you don't have a complete set of paints. Please view the material list.) We will determine the color bias of each of our colors. Is that a red blue or a green blue? And then there's that confusing code of pigments listed on the back of each tube of paint. Let's compare the pigment choices each manufacturer uses and how that impacts color.

Don't worry if this sounds confusing. We will make our way step-by-step to create a set of swatches that will be a very helpful tool in your painting work.

During the first session, we will create our set of swatches (You might have some homework!).
During sessions two and three, we will paint a still life with two different color schemes extracted from your swatches.

Material List:

  • Choose one medium to work in: Gouache, acrylic, or oil*
    Bring all of your paints! Part of this class is aimed at helping to organize what you typically work with and streamline your process. If you don't have paint, you can purchase from Michael's.
    – Liquitex Basics Acrylic set of 12 plus a large tube of Titanium White
    – Artist's Loft Gouache set of 12 plus a large tube of Titanium White
    (You may use any brand you choose but Artist's Loft Acrylic is not recommended)
  • Paper for swatches is provided.
    * Please let us know if you plan to use oil, as we need to prepare your swatches differently.
  • 1/2" Flat brush
  • Palette (a paper palette is fine) and a palette knife
  • Sketchbook and pencils
  • Two surfaces for your still life painting: 16' x 20' canvases for acrylic/oil, 11' x 14' or 9' x 12' paper for gouache

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About Royce Deans

Royce was born to parents who understood the important role that art plays in society and how crucial exposure and participation in it is to the development of a young person. He was raised in the western suburbs of Chicago with access to museums and concert halls of every variety and graduated from the American Academy of Art in Chicago, which gave him the foundations to build a life in the arts. 

Royce moved to Traverse City thirty years ago, a decision which he indicates set his art on a wonderful trajectory. Royce sees each artistic endeavor he has embarked upon as a rich experience that has shaped the artist he is today. Living in such an incredibly beautiful place, the landscape became an overwhelming source of inspiration to him. His background and interest in figurative work, mixed with what he has gained from painting local surroundings on location, allow him to find new answers daily. 

Royce's love for teaching and art drive him to travel far and wide. His art career made it possible to work in many of the countries of Western Europe and Israel, presenting classes, workshops, and retreats. 

Royce Deans is OAB's 2021 Ann Hall Visiting Artist

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