1.  The Old Art Building and grounds may be used for cultural, educational, and social activities and for fundraising events. Commercial (for profit) use is allowed for groups whose activities are cultural in nature, such as art exhibits, theatrical or musical performances. Any person or group wishing to use the property must submit an Application to the Leelanau Community Cultural Center (“LCCC”) on its approved form, which is available at the office.  A time must be set with the director to review this Policy and set fees appropriate to building use.

2. Alcohol can only be sold or served in strict compliance with: Michigan law; the regulations and requirements of the Liquor Control Commission; local ordinances; and the terms of this Policy and the Application.  As a condition of using the building and selling or serving alcohol, the Applicant agrees to fully release and indemnify Leland Township, LCCC, its officers, directors and employees from and against any and all claims or suits for damages of any kind by the applicant, its guests or any other third-party arising out of or related to the event and the sale or service of alcohol, including, without limitation, any infraction of the state liquor law.  The Applicant must obtain a liquor license permit and Certificate of Liability Insurance in the minimum amount of $500,000.  The permit must be posted in the building during the event.

3. The Applicant is responsible for seeing that the building and grounds are left as they were found.  The Applicant is responsible for turning off lights, cleanup, and trash removal.  The Applicant is responsible for any expenses incurred by LCCC for maintenance or repair after the function.

4. The Applicant and its guests must comply with the following regulations:

  • Music MUST end at 9 pm and premises MUST be vacated promptly at 10 pm.  Music is allowed until 10 pm when played inside from November 1 to April 30 and premises vacated at 11 pm. The Old Art Building is in a residential neighborhood.  The use of this building for social events relies on respect for our neighbors and strict compliance with the rules and regulations of this residential district.
  • Tents must be set up/taken down between 9:00 am and 9:00 pm.
  • No cooking is permitted inside the building.
  • No smoking in the building
  • No use of the fireplace
  • Permission must be obtained to fasten anything to the wall and tables.
  • No staples allowed.  Use picture hanging devise with small nails, no large nails or screws.  You must REMOVE ALL NAILS before leaving the building.
  • LCCC equipment must not leave the grounds. Tables and chairs must remain inside.
  • Do NOT move the piano without permission.

5. The LCCC does not permit storage of the Applicant’s materials. Any exception requires prior approval by LCCC’s director . LCCC is not liable or responsible for tents, tables, or other equipment brought on site. Tent set up must comply with underground lawn sprinkling system map. The Applicant is responsible for tent removal within 48 hours of function date.

6. Separate approval must be obtained for use of the stage. It shall not be used for art projects or social functions without advance permission, and no food or liquids are allowed on stage. Special instructions are needed for use of stage lighting.

7. There shall be no unsupervised activities in the building or on the grounds. The Applicant or other responsible designee must be present.

8. The LCCC director shall be responsible for collecting security deposits, building use fee, and security deposit returns. The Applicant MUST meet with director one week prior to event.

9. The name of the LCCC or Old Art Building cannot be used as presenting or sponsoring an event without advance permission of LCCC’s director.

A building use fee of is due with the Application. The building use fee is forfeited if the event is canceled less than 60 days prior to the scheduled date.

A security deposit is due one week prior to the event. This will be returned within one week of event after property inspection and only if this Policy and the Application have been complied with and no damages have occurred.

An access fee of $200 is charged for use of the building the night before or morning after an event.

Educational use of Property

In the case of schools and non-profit groups wishing to use the building, the LCCC may waive the building use fee and security deposit.  In such a case, a nominal fee for building maintenance will be required.


For a complete informational packet for building use Click Here